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Which Kit? first came into print in 1987 and quickly came to be recognised as Britain's best and most authoritative magazine on the subject of hand-built cars. Its offices at the time were in two buildings, linked by a courtyard, that were originally used by a firm of undertakers. If there were ever any old ghosts around, they still haven't frightened us away, although whenever any of our staff have been daft enough to lose something important like a special photograph or computer disk, they naturally blame it on the buildings' unseen inhabitants.

Peter Filby The Which Kit? production team is led by Peter Filby, the country's best-known and longest-serving kit car journalist and expert - hence his nickname 'Fossil'! He has specialised in writing about kit cars for over 30 years now, giving him an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience. He started out writing freelance stories for magazines like Car, Autocar, Motor, Custom Car, Hot Car and Auto Enthusiast and eventually decided to publish the UK's first dedicated specialist car magazine, Alternative Cars, in 1979.

Peter has also written several significant automotive books, the most successful of which were Specialist Sportscars in 1974, TVR, Success Against The Odds in 1976, Roadsters, Replicas & Fun Cars in 1977, The Fun Car Explosion in 1979 and Amazing Mini in 1981. He has also collaborated on or edited other tomes such as Performance Roadsters, Three-Wheelers (by Chris Rees) and The Filby Files; Classic Kit Cars (also by Chris Rees).

Born in Plymouth, Devon, Peter is keen to write more car books before ultimately retiring to a country cottage overlooking the Devon or Cornish coast. And to do that, he knows he's going to have to write something more like a best-selling novel. Still, you never know...

Trouble is, Peter is a bit behind the times and still writes with a ballpoint pen, so a best-seller could take him rather a long time. True, he hasn't yet recognised the delights of a keyboard, screen and a box of black magic.

Ian Stent Main features writer for Which Kit? is Ian Stent, whose nickname, for some reason, is 'Stumpy'. Nowadays living in Taunton, Somerset, Ian has scribbled for the magazine for over ten years and in that time has become much respected for his skills, knowledge and understanding of the kit car industry. His informative stories, superb photography and general commitment have played a vital role in the magazine's success.

Daily production, basic page layouts, regular columns and some features are all the work of the indomitable Adam 'OK' Wilkins, so named because that's always his reply to requests, demands and orders from the boss. A lovely chap, is Adam. In fact, whenever he has to stay away for a night whilst researching a story, his boyish innocence does tend to light up the eyes of wicked, love-hungry landladies countrywide. So far, he's returned to the office unscathed. What does he drive daily? A lime green and black Smart 'Pulse' that somehow looks just as fresh-faced as he does.

Amy Filby Also closely involved with Which Kit? are the incredibly knowledgeable specialist car expert and nutcase, Chris 'Reefer' Rees, and Peter Filby's lovely daughter, Amy 'Muscles' Filby. Chris is a regular contributor of columns like 'Krazy Kits' (rather appropriate, we think) while Amy looks after the monthly Club Chat column, writes Readers' Cars features and muscles-in on the occasional road test feature whenever she can get her hands on the ignition keys. She's also following in her famous father's footsteps via her increasingly slick photographic skills.

University student Amy is a keen kit car enthusiast and, at the tender age of 21, has already owned a Tiger Cat, Westfield SEi and a part-share in a Dax Cobra. Things are more down to earth with her daily transport, a Nissan Micra.

John Watson Another highly skilled craftsman working with the magazine goes by the name of John 'Lemonade' Watson. Situated in deepest Cornwall, John's workshop has played host to the assembly of a series of superb cars, including his own V8-powered JBA Falcon, Royale Sabre and Royale Windsor. For us, John is responsible for building most of our in-house project cars, machines that naturally have to set standards and be finished immaculately. Amongst these magnificent creations have been a Marlin Berlinetta, GCS Hawke V8, Rickman Ranger, Quantum H4 and two JBA Falcons. Long may he continue to create for Which Kit? some of the best kit cars in the country.

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