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Technical Books
Brake Systems  M.Mavrigian / L.Carley  £16.00 
Car Building
Build Your Own Off-Road Buggy For as Little as 100  Ron Champion  £13.00 
Build Your Own Sportscar for 250  Ron Champion  £17.99 
How to Build Your Own Tiger Avon Sports Car   Jim Dudley  £22.50 
Kit Car Building  Monty Watkins & Ian Stent  £16.00 
Holley Carburettors  Dave Emanuel  £15.95 
How to Build & Power Tune Holley Carburettors  Des Hammill  £17.00 
How To Build & Power Tune Weber & Dellorto DCOE & DHLA Carbs    £19.99 
How To Build & Tune SU Carbs  Des Hammill  £10.99 
SU Carburettors,Tuning Tips & Techniques    £8.95 
Weber Carburettor Manual  Haynes Manual  £17.00 
Weber Carburettors  Pat Braden  £15.95 
Chassis Engineering  Herb Adams  £15.00 
Cobras & Replicas
AC Ace & Aceca 1953 - 1983    £9.95 
Cobra Replicas   Ian Stent  £20.00 
Shelby Cobra - The Shelby American Original 1963 - 1965    £30.00 
Automotive Electrical Handbook  Jim Horner  £15.95 
Electrical & Electronic Systems  Haynes Manual  £17.00 
How To Restore Automotive Electrics  Forbes Aird  £15.95 
Aircooled Engine Interchange Manual  Keith Seume  £15.00 
Chevrolet Big Block V8 Inter/Manual  Tom Currao  £13.95 
Chevy Small-Block V8  Mike Mueller  £24.99 
Engine Builder's Handbook  Tom Munroe  £15.95 
Ford SOHC Pinto & Sierra Cosworth DOHC Engines  Des Hammil  £17.99 
How To Blueprint & Build 4-Cylinder Short Block  Des Hammil  £17.00 
How To Blueprint & Build V8 Short Block for High Performance  Des Hammill  £17.00 
How To Build & Modify Chevrolet Big Block  Tom Currao  £15.95 
How To Build A Small-Block Chevy for the Street  Jim Richardson  £18.00 
How To Powertune BMC/BL/Rover 1275 A-Series   Des Hammill  £14.99 
How To Powertune BMC/BL/Rover 850 & 1000 Engs  Des Hammill  £14.99 
How to Rebuild Ford V8 Engines  Tom Monroe  £18.00 
How To Rebuild Small Block Ford Engines    £15.95 
How to Rebuild Small-Block Chevy LT-1/LT-4 Engines  Mike Mavrigian  £18.00 
How To Rebuild Small-Block Chevy V8  David Vizzard  £15.95 
How To Rebuild VW Air-Cooled Engine  Tim Wilson  £13.95 
How to Rebuild Your Big-Block Ford Engine  Tom Munroe  £15.95 
How to rebuild Your BMC/Rover/1275 Engine re-printing - no date  David Vizzard  £13.95 
Rebuilding & Tuning Ford CVH Engines    £17.99 
Rebuilding & Tuning Ford's Kent X-Flow Eng  Peter Wallage  £17.99 
The Rover V8 Engine  David Hardcastle  £20.00 
Tuning the Rover V8 Engine  David Hardcastle  £17.99 
Fibreglass & Composite Materials    £16.95 
How To Make Your Car Handle    £15.95 
How To Build & Powertune Distributor Type Ignition Systems  Des Hammil  £9.99 
Lotus & Caterham Seven
Caterham Sevens From Conception to CSR  Chris Rees  £39.99 
Lotus and Caterham Seven  John Tipler  £19.95 
Lotus Seven - A Collector's Guide  Jeremy Coulter  £10.00 
Lotus Seven - Gold Portfolio 1957 - 1973    £15.00 
Hot Rod Pin-ups  David Perry  £24.99 
How To Draw Cars Like A Pro  Thom Taylor  £12.99 
Metalworking Tools and Techniques  Stan Bray  £20.00 
Sheet Metal Handbook  Ron & Sue Fournier  £15.95 
The Dune Buggy Files  James Hale  £15.99 
The Metal Fabricators Handbook  Ron & Sue Fournier  £16.95 
The Which Kit Car? Guide 2005/2006  The Which Kit Car? Team  £7.95 
Track Day Driver's Guide  Art Markus  £14.95 
Ultimate Auto Workshop Design & Planning  David Jacobs  £15.95 
Automotive Paint Handbook    £15.95 
Car Bodywork Repair Manual  Lindsay Porter  £17.00 
Pro Paint & Body  Jim Richardson  £16.99 
Car Suspension At Work    £17.99 
Competition Car Suspension  Allan Staniforth  £19.99 
How To Build and Modify Sportscar & Kit Car Suspension and Brakes  Des Hammill  £18.00 
How To Modify VW Beetle Suspension, Brakes and Chassis for High Performance  James Hale  £15.99 
Chevrolet Small-Block V8 ID Guide  Pierre Lafontaine  £15.99 
D.I.Y. Guide to Super Power  Larry Schreib  £13.95 
Engine Blueprinting  Ric Voegelin  £13.95 
Four-Stroke Performance Tuning  A.Graham-Bell  £17.99 
How To Build, Modify, & Powertune Cylinder Heads    £14.95 
How to Modify Ford SOHC Engines re-printing - no date  David Vizzard  £14.95 
How to Power Tune Ford V8 for Road & Track  Des Hammill  £20.00 
How To Tune & Modify Ford Fuel Injection  Ben Watson  £15.00 
How To Tune and Modify Chevrolet Fuel Injection  Ben Watson  £12.95 
Maximum Boost  C. Bell  £24.95 
Modern Engine Tuning  A.Graham-Bell  £17.99 
Practical Gas Flow  John Dalton  £10.95 
Tuning The A-Series  David Vizzard  £20.00 
Two-Stroke Performance Tuning  A.Graham-Bell  £17.99 
Automotive Upholstery & Interiors  Bruce Caldwell  £15.95 
Various Marques
Bubblecars and Microcars  Malcolm Bobbitt  £10.00 
De Lorean Gold Portfolio 1977 - 1995    £14.95 
Dune Buggy Handbook  James Hale  £20.00 
Fairthorpe Cars  John Allen  £24.95 
Fiat X1/9 Collector's Guide  Phil Ward  £10.00 
Ford GT40  David Hodges  £24.95 
Lomax - The First Ten Years  Tom Lucas  £8.95 
Lotus Elise - The Complete Story  John Tipler  £19.95 
Marcos - Coup.s & Spyders 1960 -'97    £14.95 
Marcos - The Story  David Barber  £19.95 
Mini  Patrick C Paternie  £9.99 
Pontiac Fiero Performance Portfolio 1984 -1988    £12.95 
TVR Collector's Guide Vol 1  Graham Robson  £10.00 
TVR Collector's Guide Vol 2  Graham Robson  £10.00 
Viper  Matthew Stone  £10.00 
Westfield - The Story    £15.00 
Westfield 1982-2004 Performance Portfolio    £13.95 
Automotive Welding Manual  Haynes  £17.00 
Car Mechanics on Welding    £12.95 
Performance Welding 2nd Edition  R. Finch  £17.00 
Welder's Handbook    £15.95 
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