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Which Kit?'s own classified ads section is full every month with individual, intriguing and very tempting machines. Many of them, we're sure, are properly built and good value, but be careful - it can be a bit of a minefield out there if you're not experienced and aren't sure what you're looking for.

When you think about it, each and every kit car is built and finished only as well as its builder's skills and knowledge allow. So cars for sale out there can vary from bodged to beautiful, and what you don't want to do is buy a bodge-job that needs a load more money spending on it. So, unless you're an engineer, skilled DIY person or knowledgeable enthusiast, it's advisable to either take such a person along with you to view a car or buy from a specialist and experienced dealer who offers a back-up service.

Well established as one of Britain's top three kit car centres, Kitcar Classics is a collection of quality kit cars for sale in association with Which Kit? The company's aims are very clearly defined - to offer only the best cars at competitive prices. All cars are carefully selected, thoroughly checked over and improved where necessary. End result is a lovely machine finished to Kitcar Classics' satisfaction - and something you'll be truly proud of.

To browse the Kitcar Classics collection and receive a lot more information about the model types the company specialises in, dial into this website address: www.britishkitcars.co.uk

The best place to sell a kit car - or buy, of course - is in Britain's best kit car classifieds section - either in Britain's best kit car magazine or on Britain's best kit car website. And that means Which Kit?

Which Kit? is unquestionably No.1 for selling kit cars. Professionally designed and slickly presented, our classified ads section is the best and clearest platform for the sale of your car. Prices are as follows:

Kit Choice Spotlight * ONLY 8 for ordinary lineage (up to 35 words) covering Cars For Sale, Cars Wanted and Stop Press.

* ONLY 15 for ordinary lineage (up to 35 words) plus a colour photo.

* 28 for one of our regular size KIT CHOICE colour display panels with colour photograph and up to 35 words. N.B. All KIT CHOICE ads are printed for three extra months entirely free!

* 45 for one of our super-value, large size KIT CHOICE colour display panels (see right) with large colour photograph and up to 45 words. N.B. All KIT CHOICE ads are printed for three extra months entirely free!

* ONLY 15 EXTRA ON ANY OF THE ABOVE AD TYPES gets your car displayed in the kit car sales section of this Which Kit? website for 3 months.

Finally, to our FREE ads - these are ordinary lineage (up to 35 words) and take in only the following categories: Donor Cars, Part-Built Cars, Parts for Sale and Bargain Basement (cars for sale at up to 1000). N.B. To use this FREE facility you must use the Classified Order Form printed in the Classifieds section at the back of Which Kit?
* Free ads apply only to the categories mentioned.

You can book your ad in Which Kit? in any one of the following ways:

* Telephone us - on 01737 222030 - with your ad during office hours, quoting your credit card number.

* Send it by fax on 01737 240185.

* E-mail your ad to [email protected].

* Download a copy of the Classified Order Form by clicking here. Print off a copy and send it to the address below. (Click here to download Adobe Acrobat)

* Write out your ad clearly in block capitals using the Classified Order Form in Which Kit? magazine and send it to: Which Kit? Classifieds, 1 Howard Road, Reigate, Surrey RH2 7JE

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