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AUTOTUNE SPOTLIGHT Imported from the ‘States by British American, this is a dramatic looking beast that replicates the original Cobra based coupé raced by the Carrol Shelby team in the mid-1960s. Shelby’s plan at the time was to ‘kick Ferrari’s ass’ in long-distance GT racing, something which he largely achieved, thereby creating a legendary car. Trouble was, only six examples were built and they not surprisingly became a little valuable. Hence the appearance in the ‘States of replicas from several companies.

The British American import is made by Shell Valley in Nebraska and a totally outrageous road car does it make. It’s Mustang based, uses a 351cu.in. Ford Windsor V8 (about 350bhp) and can be built from anything upwards of £30,000. Based in Sutton, Surrey, British American can assist with any stage of the build, and, naturally, can supply all the parts. How does it drive? Well, sadly, we didn’t get behind the wheel due to a small problem with the engine, which – Sod’s law and all that – was quickly sorted the next day. So, it’s going to be in our June issue that you’ll hear exactly what this thunderous beast is like in action. Don’t miss it – it’s on sale on Friday, 20th May.

BURTON DRIVEN One new kit we did drive was Richard Oakes' stunningly fresh Blackjack Zero. Not only did writer Geoff Ryall-Harvey tolerate it, he revelled in it! Powered by a tuned VW Beetle engine, this is probably the most wicked and focused three-wheeler ever to grace the kit car world. Its power unit sounding like a cross between a Porsche and a small-block Chevy V8, the Zero is a serious performance machine and has the handling and roadholding to match. Just look, too, at the quality of its steelwork and engineering - it's beautifully done throughout and will appeal to all connoisseurs of fine design. A genuine alternative to the huge range of Lotus Seven lookalikes currently available? Seems that way. We're aiming for a full road test of the Zero later this summer, so stay tuned to WKC?

THUNDER ROAD CARS Good heavens, is it really true? Yes, sure is, although not with the same name - the new car is now called the Marcos Heritage MkV1. Apart from that, and some subtle lighting changes, things are very much Mini Marcos as before, with an all-GRP monocoque body/chassis unit, BL A-series power up front, loads of grip and, erů rather unusual styling. Heck, this is an extraordinary blast from the past if ever there was one. The first Mini Marcoses turned wheels in late 1965 - that's nearly forty years ago. The car could never be taken lightly, though, the fact that well over 1200 examples were made up to 1995 being testament to its capabilities. So don't be surprised if all its many fans rally round once more and it starts selling all over again.
Following the sad death of his business partner, the much loved Peter Beck, Paddy Fitch wasn't happy about carrying on with his long-established GTM Cars company and sold out to new owner David Keene in 2003. As a magazine, we should really have visited the new set-up months ago but we didn't and it's taken us until now to fill the gap. Roving reporter Ian Stent was the lucky man who got to drive both the Rover 2.5-litre V6 powered Libra and the 1800 VVC powered Spyder. As ever, he was right on the ball with both cars' talents and faults. Read WKC?'s May issue for the full story.

Which Kit Car? is renowned for its hot monthly news coverage and the May issue keeps up the pace by revealing a new Aston Martin DBR2 replica and the return of the popular GTM K3. There’s also news on the sale of YKC’s traditional sports car range and the offering for sale of the much respected Marlin Cabrio as a manufacturing project for someone who wants to join the business. Plus, of course, loads more.

As usual, the magazine contains technical material, several pages on our Pilgrim Sumo V8 build project, a reader’s car, Stafford show review, club news, the superb WKC? Directory and our brilliant classified ads. It’s on sale right now in all switched-on newsagents – 132 pages at only £3.75. Any problems getting it and your best bet is to ring us pronto on 01737 222030.

Back issues are available on 01737 222030.

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