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Want to discover information on all the best kits on the market, no less that 120 different cars? This is where to go. Though we say it ourselves, the WKC? Guide 2005/2006 is a superb publication oozing quality – we don’t know how to do it any other way!

Each car gets a whole page which includes a photograph, general information, specification panel and all contact details. It’s plenty enough to help you draw up a shortlist, and there’s also extensive information on kit car shows, preparing for a project, the club scene and what SVA is all about. In all, the WKC? Guide is a brilliant reference book to the British kit car industry.

And it’s only £9.95 including p&p. Just ‘phone our Mail Order Hotline on 01737 222030. Postage prices outside the UK are higher, so if you live elsewhere please check before ordering.


Well, where do we start? Loads of news was to be found although, strangely, the show was disappointing for new model launches – there simply wasn’t much to write home (or to you) about. However, we did rather like the Ginetta G27 based Evolution. Owner Peter Lathrope has bought the G27 production rights and, together with stylist Richard Ashby, has come up with a rebodied G27 (mainly front and rear) that works extremely well. With power options ranging from Ford Zetec to Cosworth Turbo and Rover V8, this dramatic rebirth could be a winner. No kidding, we’d like to build one ourselves.


With several kits already sold, the brilliant RV Python Cobra replica is beginning to gain the foothold in the market it thoroughly deserves. Serious enthusiasts aren’t daft – they know this car is a quality offering that makes huge sense. There’s no other ‘budget’ Cobra that can be built with superbly engineered BMW 5-series running gear for only £10,000 - £12,000.

The prototype Python has already racked up over 2000 miles and proved itself thoroughly. Final spring and damper rates are still being adjusted and readjusted but the car is clearly essentially right. Its 218bhp 535i engine is hugely willing, the controls are light and responsive and the car handles amazingly well. Its brakes are wonderful. It’s easy to get into, it’s comfortable in the cockpit and the ladies will be able to drive it, too.

WKC? reporter Ian Stent has been at the wheel for many miles and his report will be in the magazine’s June issue, which is on sale on Friday 20th May. One way and another, the Python has had a lot of publicity over the last year. Now the truth is out! Those who’ve followed the story so far will NOT want to miss Ian’s revealing report.


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